lorraine, 19, isfp, fat babe who enjoys bubble baths a lot.

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ive decided that im making a small pumpkin bong on halloween

and im gonna have candy and pumpkin pie and lots of weed im so excited !!!!!!!


tank ~ forever21+ (3x)

cardigan ~ modcloth (4x)
jeans ~ torrid (26)
shoes ~ journeys
purse ~ titinastore via etsy
lips ~ revlon lip butter in fig jam

You girls watch out for those weirdos.

We are the weirdos, mister.


please look at this important baby birb

Who is it it is the small catte me a cat I am squek not brip but kittem pat pat

wow it’s so fun when you have homework and you have the powerpoint of the chapter and the actual chapter in your book open yet u can only find half of the questions in the powerpoint and book!!! so fun!!!!!!!!